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Semester 2 2021


Introduction to Debanking | 24/09/21

Introduce the concept of debanking notoriously enough, many would trivially label debanking as fintech’s sector version of cancel culture. We also investigate how it affects the current sector of fintech companies in Australia, as one of the most significant obstacles.


Introduction to Stablecoins | 10/09/21

Why is Afterpay looking to incorporate Stablecoins, cryptocurrency backed up by fiat currency or gold, into their technology?


The Future of Cryptocurrency Part 2 | 03/09/21

In our 2nd part series, with the market cap of Bitcoin nearly reaching 1 trillion dollars in USD, we discuss the implications and benefits on adopting cryptocurrency, which include the protection against inflation and accessing payment services without financial institutions.


The Future of Cryptocurrency | 27/08/21

In our two-week part series, we will dive into the future of cryptocurrency such that you are able to recognize the current problems blockchain technology is solving and the issues that are being faced.


Explaining the arise of Robo-advisors?​ | 20/08/21

With the advancement of AI, the technology for investing has also dramatically increased, thus the creation of Robo-advisors. The concept executed is simple, continue on to learn how to engage.


What is the difference between Proof of Work Vs Proof of Stake?​ | 13/08/21

Find out this week what the paramount difference is between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake in contributing to a blockchain, and how you can reap the rewards of being educated now is ever more so important.


Understanding how Central Bank Digital Currencies are transposing Hyperinflation issues| 06/08/21

Introducing CBDOs, this week we expound on why and how several governments, especially the Venezuelan government are incorporating blockchain technology and creating digital currencies to combat hyperinflation.


Paypal unveils ambitious plans for next quarter and Binance's regulatory troubles explained | 30/07/21

This week of Fintech Fridays, we will be examining Paypal’s venture into the cryptocurrency space, with their new “super app” and how Binance has acquired major regulatory pressure.  


J.P.Morgan allows investors to dive into Digital Assets | 30/07/21

Bringing Crypto into all wealth management clients, J.P.Morgan has created a milestone for Investment Banks. Since May's crash, retail investors should be more careful, so why now?  


Unhedged: Algorithmic Trading for the Retail Investor | 28/05/21

Ex-Googler and KPMG alumnus take on robo-advisory through Unhedged, offering accessible algorithmic trading mechanisms to the average retail investor, in this week's edition of Fintech Fridays.

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Athena Breaks Australian Venture Capital Record | Federal Budget Brings Welcome News to Fintech Sector | 14/05/21

Home loan provider Athena takes the record for the highest capital raise in VC history. Meanwhile, the Federal Budget provides some driving initiative to Australian fintech.

Green and Pink Stripes Artists & Illustr

Telcoin's Entry Into Remittance in Australia | US Banks to Offer Bitcoin Trading | 07/05/21

Telcoin, a cryptocurrency targeting the telco market, soared amidst an expansive quest to Australia. Meanwhile, institutional backing continues to grow as some US Banks open their doors to Bitcoin. 

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Judo Bank revives Australia’s trust in SMEs | Marqeta settles APAC headquarters | 30/04/21

With Goldman in tow, Australian challenger bank Judo sets sail for IPO. Meanwhile, payment solution company Marqeta settles down in Melbourne.


BNPL: The New Way to Shop | Aussie Rivals Big 4 with Digital Mortgage Venture | 23/04/21

We go back to the BNPL sector as Afterpay reports a desire to venture into US sharemarkets. Meanwhile, retail financial services group Aussie adds digital mortgages to its product line.


A Look at Theta Network | Propell Hits the ASX | 16/04/21

Take a look at decentralised streaming and Theta Network, one of the most successful cryptocurrencies of its kind. Also, learn about fintech credit provider Propell in retrospect of its ASX float.


Decentralised Storage and AI Banking


There's a cryptocurrency among many aiming to change how data is stored, and smart banking service Douugh is receiving increasing attention, in this week's edition of Fintech Fridays.


Sending and Lending: Powered by Fintech


Remittance payments and consumer lending are paving a way to success, with companies like Airwallex and Upstart domineering their respective market. Learn more about them and what they're achieving. 


The Case of Disruptive Payment Systems


The rising adoption of financial technology firms, mobile payments, and cryptocurrency as a transactional medium is changing the way we pay. Find out why.

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Empowering Creativity: NFTs


Explore the latest surge of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and look into a certain NFT breaking the limits of sport fandom experience.

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