Semester 1 2021


Introduction to De-Fi 

Find out how Decentralised Finance works and why it is domineering Traditional Finance. We also explore and explain what types of products are in the DeFi space to watch out for!


Artificial Intelligence in the Finance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a paradigm-shifting technology that is seamlessly changing the way we operate in this world today. From shopping, interacting, receiving help, and much more. 


What is Robo Advisory?​

This week of Fintech Fridays, FSA seeks to explore the emerging technology of Robo-Advisory in the space of Financial Services. Demystifying how they specifically work from case to case and the downside of working with such a service.


Introduction to Autonomous Finance

Find out how the innovation of Automated Finance delivers a personalised and optimised experience to its customers. This week go over specific examples of applications in artificial intelligence in finance and the role and implications it seeks to hold in the industry.

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What are Stripe Payments?

This week of Fintech Fridays, follows the innovation of online payments through the company Stripe. We go over how this fintech platform is different from traditional platforms such as Paypal and Commbank service through its developer friendly API.