Millennial Money

Semester 1 2022


Introduction to Personal Finance 

Written by students, for students! Welcome to FSA's brand new series where we focus on financial education for university students. This week we filter out and provide resources for you to find the education that is applicable and worthwhile!

An Overview of HECS Debt

This week of Millennial Money, we focus on what every local student struggles to fully grasp: HECS Debt. Find out how repayment rates work and what are the recent changes to HECS and how they can affect you!


An Overview of Superannuation Pt 1

This week of Millennial Money, find out how the compulsory saving scheme set by the Government is more important than you think and why you should care even though you are still a university student!


An Overview of Superannuation Pt 2

This week of Millennial Money,  explores voluntary contributions towards Superannuation and also explores the balance of risk and return in Superannuation. 


 Taxation in Australia

This week of Millennial Money, focuses on how taxation can affect your future earnings and read on the easiest methods on how to decrease your taxes as well!


Credit Cards, Debit Cards and BNPL

This week of Millennial Money, find out and explore how each different payment methods works behind the scene to help you make more informed  budgeting decisions!


Dissecting Mortgages Part 1

Welcome back to another Millennial Money article where we demystify key concepts in personal finance affecting university students. Here we clarify and explain how Mortgages work and are approved, whilst also providing a simple loan amortisation tutorial!

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Dissecting Mortgages Part 2

This week in Millennial Money we delve into the Great Australian Dream and whether the low interest rate environment has made this more or less achieving.