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 Amazon acquires Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer | Banks struggle to keep up with Crypto Revolution | 28/5/21

Learn about Amazon's latest advancement into content creation. Whilst dive into the intricate relationship between banks and cryptocurrencies.

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The Budget: Winners and Losers | Federal Court Approves Telstra Fine | 14/05/21

The Federal Budget brings upside and downside to Australians. Meanwhile, the Telstra debacle comes to an end; with $50 million on the line.

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ASX Shakeup: Companies Struggle Post-IPO | IBM Announces Breakthrough In Chip Technology | 07/05/21

Adore Beauty, Nuix and Appen share the market spotlight this week, though not for the best of reasons. Meanwhile, IBM makes a technological breakthrough.

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Inflation and the Metal Boom | Biden Announces $1.8 Trillion Family Aid Plan | 30/04/21

Australia's metal and minerals demand continues to soar, whilst the nation's inflation takes a subdued turn. In the US, the Biden administration maintains its focus on nationwide financial support.  


Chinese Demand Outpaces Iron Ore Giants | Yellen Touts Biden Climate Agenda| 23/04/21

Two of the world's largest iron ore mining companies are struggling to keep up with the growing import demand from Chinese shores. In the US, Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen outlines the importance of tackling climate change, in this week's FSA Newsweek.


Australia's Economy Recovery Update | The Future of Batteries | 16/04/21

In this week's edition of Newsweek, find out the implications of the latest ABS Labour Report of the month of March. Also, as society focuses on sustainability and tackling environmental challenges, see how this focus is affecting the battery industry.

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The Pain of Housing Gains | How Quantum Computing Could Change the World


Australia's house prices are on the rise once again. Meanwhile, the quantum computing field is becoming both increasingly promising and complex. 

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Talking about Tesla: Bubbles and Bitcoin | The Problem with Investment Banking


A fund manager goes short on Tesla, whilst the company delves deeper into cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the perception of the investment banking working environment has taken a concerning turn.

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The Lagging EV Market in Australia | CBA vs Afterpay


FSA looks into the slow growth of the Australian electric vehicle market, as well as the increasing competition within our BNPL sector 

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The US Stimulus and the Semiconductor Shortage


FSA delves into the latest on the US stimulus, and the chip shortage that is adversely impacting the wider industries within the economy.

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