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The Finance Students' Association is a student-led group dedicated to providing our members with a holistic university experience and connecting them with Australia's finest investment managers, hedge funds and financial services firms.

FSA is a family of varying personalities and backgrounds who collaborate to achieve our main goals - providing "Career. Learning. Community" to our members. Our committee is constantly working with each other and our corporate sponsors to ensure our association continues to provide a holistic and enriching experience for all UniMelb students.



The founding principles on which FSA was established were based on providing the future leaders in Finance with the base to enhance their capabilities academically, professionally and socially.


Our founders aimed to establish an Association that goes beyond networking by providing students with the opportunity to better their understanding of the Finance landscape and hone their skills in a way that shapes them to be resilient, hard working and passionate industry professionals.


Since our inception in 2015 our dedicated team at FSA have gone on to organise a range of insightful events from exam revisions series to networking events geared at bridging the gap between industry & academia. 



We value taking the initiative to aspire towards innovation, inventiveness and creativity


Respect and honesty lie at the core of our association


We value being a dedicated and engaged family of driven individuals


We recognise and encourage good ideas from all levels of the hierarchy

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