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Congratulations on securing your place at one of Australia's top universities! While uni life might seem exciting and promising, the journey can be a mix of both easy and challenging experiences. From breezy subjects to the most daunting content you've ever encountered, mastering the art of understanding coursework while juggling various aspects of life is a skill that's essential for your success. So, how exactly do you strike this balance? Let's dive in.

Note-Taking and Effective Study Strategies:

Tackling Tutes and Lectures: Finding Your Groove When the semester kicks off, the zeal to stay ahead of the game is real. From attending lectures to pre-emptively solving tutorial questions, you're determined to conquer it all. However, life often throws unexpected curveballs, like family dinners, birthdays, or even a Harry Styles concert. I remind you that there’s no issue with going to such events and not staying on top of your coursework, but avoid letting it snowball into stress and falling far behind. Here are some practical tips:

  1. Lecture Wisdom: Attending lectures in person is amazing, but if you're watching online, resist the urge to play content at top speed. Opt for 1.5x speed and if you are visual learner turn on those subtitles so you can read too.

  2. Prep and Annotate: A pre-lecture scan of slides can give you a roadmap. Annotate slides using apps like OneNote, and if you're a dot-point enthusiast, take notes as you watch.

  3. Pre-Tute Prep: Attempt tutorial questions before class. If you work out content that needs to be outlined better to you, you can see if the tutor does this in class, or if not you can address them then and there, saving you time and frustration.

Strategic Study Approach: Managing the Semester's Flow

In university, it is so easy to burnout, the experience is so unlike Year 12. During periods of lighter workload, don’t feel bad not putting your head in the books. But when major assessments loom, fully immerse yourself in the job at hand. This intermittent rhythm of study ensures you sail through the entire semester with the most battery left in your system.

Productivity Unleashed:

Utilizing Campus Facilities for Peak Productivity: Beyond libraries, the university provides a variety of facilities to boost productivity. Take advantage of the on-campus gym and swimming pool to rejuvenate between classes. UMSU emails often highlight engaging activities to break up study sessions. Top Study Spots: A Few Well-Kept Secrets Discovering the best study spots is like finding a treasure trove. If you're a commerce student, you may never venture into the depths of UniMelb as The Spot is far removed from everything but do explore! Consider the Agricultural Building, surrounded by greenery and has the White Garden System Tower —a perfect spot to immerse yourself in learning, and less chance of seeing your peers and chatting away! The Student Pavilion: A Home Away From Home This place is the on-campus oasis to all my friends. With reheat stations, a fully-equipped kitchen, and various facilities, it's a student's haven. Literally, it has blenders, rice cookers, outdoor barbeques and even an ice machine!! Offering private study spaces, tables and lounges with USB and power outlets readily available, it balances work and leisure seamlessly. Caffeine and Socializing: Café Commercio's Vibe Unquestionably, coffee runs are a uni tradition. Café Commercio, frequented by wannabe investment bankers, serves as a hub for quick caffeine fixes and chance encounters. It's a caffeinated haven amidst your finance endeavors. Balancing Academics and Cheers: PA's and Don Tojo Completing assignments in sleep deprivation (because yes, you left it to the last minute) often demands caffeine, and sometimes, a well-deserved beverage. The Prince Alfred Hotel offers happy hour delights (every Monday-Thursday from

4pm-6 pm for $10 pints, $8 house wines and $8 basic spirits… it would be rude not to!) . And for a culinary escape, Don Tojo on Cardigan Street is a mere 12-minute stroll away—perfect lunch spot

with friends – just keep a lookout for that peak lunchtime line! As you embark on the adventures of university, remember that mastering coursework while enjoying the vibrant student life is an achievable feat. Balancing notes, strategic study sessions, and productivity hacks can make your journey smoother. Don't forget to explore hidden study gems and savor every coffee-fueled encounter. Cheers to a successful semester! Good luck!

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